Makenzie O'Connor

A Celebration of Interconnectedness

Historical Contemporary Vessel 

This vessel was inspired by the Blue Pottery of Jaipur that was often decorated with animals, birds, and flowers. Blue Pottery of Jaipur pieces are too fragile to be used as function ware and I wanted to expand off of this idea of creating something simply to appreciate its beauty.  I wanted to tie the fragility of the piece in with the surface design to address the fragility of nature and the beautiful balance of all living things. This piece explores the present day notion of nature - how the current society views nature, how we respect or disrespect it, and especially our connection to it.

Pottery is typically functional, just as many things in nature are used for some purpose, but I wanted to create a piece that wouldn’t be functional in an attempt to remind us to appreciate the beauty of nature and not only see it as a means for our improvement or growth. Humans are highly connected with the rest of the natural world and depend so much upon it, let us remember to celebrate these beautiful symbiotic relationships.