Makenzie O'Connor


About A Cake

Exploring conscious baking (vegan-friendly). Getting back in touch with baking basics and natural aesthetics. Two layers: 1) Carrot Cake and 2) Vanilla Almond. Iced with "cream cheese" icing and topped with blueberries, pepitas, and lavender. 


This is the second of two cakes I made at the end of March. The first wasn't captured in a photo, but I've continued to hear about how much it was enjoyed - imprinted upon the gustatory memory of a wonderfully welcoming crew of birthday party attendees. This is a silly little post but I'm always livened by the appreciation people have for these tasty treats. The power of food, or beautiful and nourishing food perhaps, is so wonderful. A terrible oversimplification: food brings people together. Share tasty treats. Break bread. Eat meals together, friends :) 

Makenzie O'Connor