Makenzie O'Connor

LinkedIn Update


Sydney needed A new headshot and linkedin cover Photo update…

Despite the recent cold front that had just come through, Sydney and I were able to schedule a time for an outdoor photoshoot and it couldn’t have gone better! Sydney was a natural and we were able to capture just the look she wanted.

Interested in my graphic design, Sydney originally reached out asking if I could create a custom LinkedIn cover photo for her. The photoshoot gave me the opportunity to get to know her, and from this time together I was able to create a piece of art that communicated Sydney’s creative style and aura.


“You’re amazing! This is exactly what I was looking for! This whole process has been incredibly organized and easy - I appreciate that. Also, I’m obsessed with the drawing and may have to print it for my desk.”

Sydney Shoff-03.png

Sydney Shoff is an Art Consultant at James Gallery where she enlightens the space with fresh energy and works to communicate the gallery’s brand. Sydney is also a yoga teacher at Inhale Pittsburgh. As a teacher, she wants to bring the same sense of peace to her students that yoga has provided her. In her Vinyasa flow classes, you will find both strength and relaxation, all the while her goal is to quiet the thoughts that crowd our heads to make room for love and mindfulness.


If you’re looking to develop your unique professional presence, let’s set up a time to brainstorm!